Aluminum Railing: Attractive Yet Affordable

January 6th, 2012 |

Aluminum railings are decorative and in demand and offer many benefits over other materials that are being used for railings. Compared to steel railings, aluminum railings are lightweight.

Aluminum railings for decks are very attractive in appearance, giving the decking an elegant look. The design is contemporary in appearance and provides a classy and safe handrail system for the perimeters of the deck. There are many features to the aluminum railings which include corrosion and rust free and simulated wood look. Aluminum railings can also achieve any type of shapes. The railings have minimal shrinkage and there is little concern regarding expansion throughout various weather conditions.

Other advantages of the aluminum railings are that they are easily repaired if the railing becomes damaged. Aluminum is a metal that is virtually scratch resistant and will not fade or wear down so it is easy to maintain. For the home owner aluminum railings are functional and meet the aesthetic needs of the home owner.

Aluminum railings come in many different colors. There are many different varieties of aluminum railings to choose from depending on your needs. The advantage of the railings also includes affordability. They are highly attractive in appearance and relatively cheap.

Additional benefits of aluminum railings include:

  •  Exterior and interior guardrails and handrails
  •  Clear or encased functional glass, aluminum convention panels, aluminum pickets, or cable cord for infill sections
  •  Water corrosion: Special coatings for opposition to saline water
  •  Tough, powder-coated finishes for better climate opposition and hue retention
  •  Tempered glass for security and influence resistance
  •  Steel embeds and hefty measure components and for strength
  •  ADA compliance rails

For the Surrey, White Rock, Greater Vancouver or Sunshine Coast homeowner that is looking for attractive railings for their deck without the expense of wood, aluminum railings is a wonderful solution.

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