Consulting with a Designer About Glass Railings

June 30th, 2016 | in Marquis Blog

The clean sleek look of customized glass railings are a popular interior design element being currently used in home exteriors and interiors. Glass railings in place of more traditional spindles, creates a modern look that is popular with interior designers, architects and specifiers. If you are unsure about how to use railings in your home to take advantage of your beautiful Vancouver views, you can consult with a designer about the various types and applications of glass railings available.

If you are considering glass railings for your design project, establishing a budget for your project and communicating that with your designer is a good place to start. Having a design budget and allocating funds for your glass railings can help guide you towards the types of railings that will work for your project.

Glass railings are a favourite of designers for their adaptability to any configuration. Clean elegant lines plus an unobstructed view are a design element that will modernize your home. As you consult with a designer on the aesthetic that you like, share with them photos of inspiration, home interiors that you love. Pinterest and home décor magazines are a wonderful resource to help you visually translate your personal style to a designer.

If your design project is bold and modern or softer and more traditional, working with a designer can help to specify the right glass railings for your project. Glass railings can create a more expansive look with their unobstructed views, so if you are working with a smaller space, glass stairway railings in place of traditional spindles can help to visually open up the space. Other benefits of using glass railings in your design is that they are customizable, easy to install and clean and are child-friendly. Consult with your designer and outline your specific needs for your glass railing design and installation, and you will be sure to create something beautiful for your home.

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