Differences Between Wood and Aluminum Deck Railing

April 24th, 2019 | in Marquis Blog

If you have been considering a new deck railing, or giving your old railing a facelift, you may be considering your options. Two common options when building a railing system are to use wood or aluminum. Here are some of the differences between these two options.

Wood Railing Benefits and Drawbacks

Wood railings are a timeless option, having been used for years and years. While a classic and common option, wood railings are not without their drawbacks. Wood is very prone to rot and mould. This means that without proper care and constant maintenance, wood is likely to decay and not last.

Aluminum Railing Benefits

If you are considering an Aluminum deck railing in Vancouver, you would be making an excellent choice. Unlike wood which is prone to rot and decay, aluminum will not suffer from this. Furthermore, aluminum will not rust. Properly powder coated aluminum railing systems have very little or even no maintenance. Compare this to wood railings that need to be painted or treated at least every two years.

Aluminum deck railing is the superior choice to wood deck railing options. Aluminum railings are also available in a wide array of colour and style options, so there is an option out there to suite every personal style. There are really no negatives or cons to going with an aluminum deck railing option.

Ultimately, which deck railing material you choose will depend on your own personal taste and needs. Just make sure that before you make a decision for your Vancouver home that you contact Marquis Railings to get a hand with designing and installing your dream deck.

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