Using Glass Railings To Update the Look of Any Interior Space

June 20th, 2020 | in Marquis Blog

It’s well-known that interior design trends come and go. Materials that were once all the rage inevitably start to look dated. Fortunately, there is one interior design choice that resists this cycle: custom glass railing. Glass, as an interior design element, is always chic, elegant and sophisticated. One of the easiest, most beautiful ways to update your home or office space with this enduring material is to install interior glass railing systems.

Glass railings provide a number of lasting benefits:

  • Doesn’t block light, creating an airy, bright atmosphere.
  • Doesn’t block line of sight, making rooms appear more spacious.
  • Decreases draughts and noise.
  • Has no uprights, bars or supports which reduces injuries.
  • Difficult for children to climb.
  • Frameless Glass Railings have no panels for children or pets to climb through.
  • Maintenance free. The occasional wipe with a cloth will keep them sparkling clean.

The glass used in Frameless and Stainless Steel-topped railing is tempered. This is also known as safety glass. It’s stronger than regular glass and in the unlikely situation where it does break, it crumbles harmlessly into small, blunt pieces. 

Another benefit of interior glass railing systems is how remarkably customizable they are. They can be formed to fit any space or shape. The glass itself comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be coloured, frosted or textured.

When you’re ready to modernize your interior space with the clean aesthetic of glass railing, be sure to choose a company experienced in architectural design and knowledgeable about current BC building codes and municipal requirements. 

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