Wood Decks: Elegant, Natural Beauty that Adds Value to the Home

March 20th, 2012 |

A wood deck is a beautiful addition that adds value to a home, bringing out the natural glory of the house. Wood decks have long been one of the most popular choices in decking and can be constructed in a number of shapes and sizes and becomes the centerpiece of the yard.

Wood decks are comfortable and relaxing and a great means for the homeowner to entertain. The decks can be attached or detached to the home. There are many different beautiful woods that can be used such as redwood and cedar. Pressure treated pine is the least expensive material that can be used when constructing a wood deck. There are various different types of designs which include raised decks, balconies, patios and roof decks.

Wood decks are often showpieces and can include multiple levels, custom railings and other perks that make the appearance of the deck elegant. However, without proper maintenance to the deck, there are downsides to the wood. Wood has a tendency to change color, however, in many cases this can provide an elegant look. Wood also may crack and absorb stains without proper maintenance. Homeowners will need to properly clean the deck and stain it every year or two. Regular inspection of the deck is necessary for rotting wood or loose boards is also necessary.

Another new product in wood decking is decking strip which is used for existing worn wood decks and is simply glued to the existing boards. The wood strip eliminates the need to stain or paint the existing deck.

Wood decks are beautiful and provide a natural elegant look that surrounds the home providing years of enjoyment. With the proper maintenance, a Vancouver wood deck will remain looking pristine and last for many years.

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