Side Stringer Stair Designs in Vancouver

Our expert team at Marquis Glass has the know-how and years of industry experience to design and install your dream side stringer staircase. Side stringer staircases are extremely versatile and can be custom designed to suit any space.

What are Side Stringer Stairs?

Available as both open and closed stringer options, side stringer stairs are able to be installed in both wide open and tighter stair locations. A side stringer stair design is supported on both sides with one stringer on each side. This gives the stair design maximum stability and function. Side stringer stairs are extremely versatile and can be suited to match any space ‐ whether a traditional look is desired, or a more modern one. The design team at Marquis Glass has the experience and industry know-how to help create the perfect look to compliment your home’s aesthetic appeal.


Benefits of Side Stringer Stairs

Side stringer stairs come with many great benefits ‐ some of which include the following:

  • Extremely versatile ‐ side stringer stairs can be made to suit any space
  • Excellent stability and function, thanks to a double support system
  • Complementary to tight corners or spaces that require exact specifications
  • Potential for extra storage space built in underneath

If your home would benefit from a beautiful new side stringer staircase, contact Marquis Glass today for a design consultation.

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